Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Even My Cynicism Is Too Much For This (JM)

John Challis, an 18 year-old kid from Pennsylvania has terminal cancer. He will probably die within the next two months. He loves baseball and just wanted a single at-bat in a high school baseball game. A couple of days ago he got his wish and drove an line drive RBI single in to right field. Upon getting to first base the opposing team all took off their mitts and applauded John.

Normally things this saccharin annoy me passionately, but this is real, this is genuine. So stop reading atrocious Mitch Albom books and other fodder for the USA Today bestseller list, but feel free every now and again to be moved by something real, something tragic and something pretty touching. The article by Mike White in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a totally worthwhile read. And John, if somehow you should come across this, you've managed to crack even this hardened cynic.

And now I am going to go try to find something written by John Stossel or Daniel Finkelstein so I can get back to my old self.

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