Friday, June 13, 2008

Food TV Was Way Better Back in the Day (Dennis)

I watch the Food Network a lot, but I usually find myself cringing at most of their offerings. A lot of their travel shows are terrible and actually just the same show with over and over with different hosts. Rachel Ray is totally unwatchable with her obnoxious accent, annoying nicknames, and gimmicky recipes. Then there's Sandra Lee. I actually think she just steals recipes off of the back of Kraft products. She makes the type of food your mother would cook when she was very tired, except Sandra does it on an actual cooking show. (For a better takedown of Rachel and Sandra, see Bourdain, Anthony).

The saving grace of the network is Alton Brown, who hosts both Good Eats and Iron Chef America. Iron Chef, is pretty watchable, though not nearly as fun as its Japanese predecessor, which, sadly, is not aired anymore. Good Eats is an amazing show that actually teaches you a lot and is funny in a nerdy sort of way (my favorite way).

But really all that was just an excuse to show you this video of Julia Child. After seeing some of her stuff on youtube, I really wish she was still in her prime. Whereas Rachel would waste our time with "Garlickly Butter Pasta, with Eggplant Slammers" as if she was making a menu item at Friday's, Julia here actually teaches you the correct way to do the simplest of French dishes: the omelette. It was with programs like this one that she quite literally changed the way America cooks. Who knows what the state of cooking in the US would be today without her?

Not only that but she did it by being entertaining in way that TV stars just couldn't be anymore. She had the demeanor of that wacky professor you had in college who clearly knew what he was talking about, but was sort of disorganized and had bizarre mannerisms. Anyway, enough of me, enjoy:

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