Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Relaxing For A Second...And Giving Money (Dennis)

I have been telling people that I'm not watching the Republican convention because I don't want a shoe through my new TV. I mean a lot of people who know me don't realize it, but I have a pretty terrible temper if something gets to me. For example, after seeing only a snippet of the Sarah Palin speech I was tempted to write a rant like Jon's except mean spirited and probably offensive. I decided after running 8 miles to vent my frustration that this was probably not advisable and instead gave more of my money to Obama. (This Palin speech, by the way, will be gold for the Obama campaign in terms of getting money out of me, I swear, every YouTube clip I see will be another donation I feel compelled to give.)

Anyway, rather than watching the convention tonight I've watched the Muppet Movie, one can only take so much rage in one day. But, don't worry, I'll watch the recap of McCain's speech tomorrow so I can happily part with more of my money.

Oh, and for those of you that do need calming down tonight (only after you give money!) here's something from the Muppet Movie.

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