Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Best Columnist Out There (JM)

Normally I write to deride, not praise; to mock, not compliment; to be utterly unproductive, not helpful. But this morning I read David Brooks column and was once again reminded how just totally superior he is to pretty much all other columnists out there these days. He's intriguing without being glib and he is interesting without artifice. This morning he wrote a column about an essay he had read about how the night's sky looked to people in the Middle Ages. It was fascinating and a refreshing breather from the total banality that has infected the current political landscape.

There are times that I don't agree with Brooks. I strenuously disagreed when months ago he argued that Reagan's speech in Philadelphia, MS wasn't race baiting-it pretty clearly was. However, he writes well and engages arguments in a fresh a new way. So David Brooks, I salute you for actually doing a job worthy of the paper you're printed in.

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