Thursday, April 17, 2008

Notes From an Obama Supporter About Last Night's Debate (JM)

Consider, if you will, a world in which a man has been born whose mere existence defies logic. A man who shines so very bright that the sun itself turns red with shame. A man whose very goodness makes faith a knowable thing. Consider, if you will, such a man that defines all the words in the dictionary and gave names to all of the animals. A man who, alone, conquered the entire Sahara Desert and through his sincerity and charm created a series of lakes and irrigating streams throughout the Sahara and then, by the power of his forthright honesty sped the erosion process to such a speed that within two months it was like living in South Carolina. A man who invented the envelope.

This man is Barack Obama and what those terrorists last night did to him was unconscionable. This was worse than when the Israelis were kidnapped in that movie Munich. This was more horrible than any experiment Dr. Mengele ever performed. Charles Gibson was Hitler and George Stephanopoulos was Super Dracula! The violated the Geneva Conventions, the Golden Rules, the Magna Carta, the 1812 Overture, the Brown University Honor Code, the Advice of Bazooka Joe on the Bazooka Joe comics and every single principle set forth in Nell Carter's diary. They are scum and slime and ought to be put in Guantanamo Bay and executed.

Perhaps... just perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration. But how much really.... (From DailyKos):

You know, as I watched the "debate" last night (which was nothing more than a coordinated ambush), I started to cry. My tears were not from an emotion of anger nor were they from feeling sorry for Barack, as he had to defend himself against bogus, trivial, and already answered queries questioning every facet of his character. Rather, they were tears of realization. The way he rose above such filth in a calm and determined manner, appearing like a phoenix rising from the ashes - ashes that represented the sewage of the moderators and hillary. Never before in my lifetime had I seen a "politician" refute attack after personal attack and still when the opportunity presented itself - not demean himself by targeting his opponent in the same manner. It only reinforced my feeling that he is a once in a lifetime - nay - once in many centuries type leader - someone who could radically change the face of not only this nation but this world. Most amazingly - I don't think he even fully realizes his potential impact. So my tears were for our ridiculous luck in having such a man that wants to show us a better way - we, a people who are wholly ungrateful and truly ignorant of this moment. We, most certainly, do not deserve such a leader.

Yes, that's right, someone really believes that. There needs to be a little perspective on the questions in last night's debate. Honestly, they were pretty fair game questions with some tendency towards the petty politics. But Obama's the front runner now and this balances the history of targeting in the debates. Recall how brutal these debates were to Hillary in the past. It seems only fair play at this point. Moreover, Obama has to handle this stuff better, he has to stop complaining about politics (particularly politics he also engages in) and start defending himself more directly. I think he can beat most of this, but seems to just not try. If he can't take this McCain is going to eviscerate him. So, in short, Obama supporters quit the whining. Please, seriously, enough.


Ted said...

I really think you're missing the point, JM. Yes, you can quote an Obama supporter (and there are no doubt many who would agree) who's all hyperbolic and hyperventilating. But the fact that the majority of the questions in the debate 1) were not about policy issues and 2) seemed designed to make either or both candidate(s) look bad has upset a lot of people. Hell, Stephanopoulos actually took one of his questions from a suggestion by Sean Hannity!! This is not a debate that was good for the Democratic party, whoever won it---and I'm inclined to agree that perhaps Hillary did if only because Obama didn't definitively knock her out.

Jonathan said...

What kind of policy issues are you interested in? Hillary how do you feel about X? Well I think we should do Y about X. And you Sen. Obama, what do you think of X? I agree with Hillary, we should do Y about X, but we have to do it together. They have almost no space between them on issues of policies.

Electability and character are about all that is left to debate, and these questions are fair game. I think the, this is hurting the Democrats, mantra has become a convenient excuse for Obama supporters to kick Hillary to the curb. The difference between the candidates is negligible and in terms of democratic desire there are few distinctions despite a lead in delegates.