Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Brilliant David Broder Column (Dennis)

David Broder is totally useless. "South Carolina is a must-win for Obama." Yeah thanks, David. I don't really pay attention to politics and have been living under a rock since Saturday, but I sure am glad that I stumbled on the opinion page of the Washington Post. You provide such an amazing service, since nobody in D.C. would even know there was an important primary in South Carolina without your informative insider column. We have far more important political and government work to accomplish to pay close attention to....politics.

Also, David, I don't know if you've noticed but you've actually begun to write Op-Ed pieces, which are supposed to be expressions of opinion that develop ideas, like this:

David Broder is really old.

He was probably once a pretty good political reporter, but now can't seem write anything interesting anymore.

Though, Imus called him "terminally tedious" in 1995, so maybe he was never all that interesting.

He also seems to have a bet to see how many columns he can write without a four sentence paragraph. Perhaps he thinks he is Ernest Hemingway.

One thing is clear, though. I probably shouldn't waste my time on David Broder columns.

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Jonathan said...

This is the most obvious column written since Taykashi Oh's brilliant piece, "It Really Sucks Being From Hiroshima", dateline August 10, 1945. (Not so fun fact: A little more than a month later Hiroshima was hit by a devastating typhoon killing over 3000 people, inspiring the new article "See, I Told You It Sucks" by our aforementioned author).

Point: David Broder is useless.
Counterpoint (from David Broder himself): It depends how you define useless.