Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mitt-Gate!! and other Mitt items (Dennis)

Break in at Romney headquarters!? Is Carmen Sandiego attempting to steal Mittmentum?

The Globe reports:

"'There is no indication this was politically motivated,' said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney spokesman.

One of the men who was arrested -- Michael J. Sauer, 30 -- identified himself as a political independent on his voter registration, public records show. The second suspect, Daniel J. Bradley, 28, is not registered to vote in Massachusetts, records show. Bradley has six outstanding warrants for crimes that include possession of narcotics and breaking and entering, police said."

Ah phew, well at least they were caught. But do we really believe this "not politically motived" stuff. I mean, of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, they had to walk into Romney's. Also, the statement by Fehrstrom could be just pandering to Republican primary-goers who enjoy random explanations for crimes.

The Boston Herald reports

"At the time authorities said a thief forced open a first-floor window, ripping a third-floor door off its hinges before making off with eight laptops, a television and a set of golf clubs."

A set of golf clubs? It's Massachusetts in January! Are the golf clubs magical?Is the heat generated by Mittmentum so white hot that it allows people in the Romney campaign to golf during the Massachusetts winter? Ah, the many questions campaign '08 has generated.

One more question generated by campaign '08....why is Mitt Romney running this ad?

Mi Padre, Mitt

An ad in Spanish? From the guy who wants everyone to learn English and has castigated everyone who didn't take the hardest of hard lines on immigration? Romney just reminds me of the generic evil candidate from the movies who is nice and charming but will do anything to beat protagonist candidate X. The next step is ads supporting and harshly criticizing the same position in different states.

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