Monday, January 21, 2008

The Mittastic Mittmentum Super Bowl Bet (JM)

For those of you new to this blog, which is all of you since this is a fairly new blog, you may not be aware that the authors happen to be fairly rabid Giants and Pats fans. Dennis and I have discussed making a fairly large wager in which if the Giants win he'd have to give money to Hillary and if the Pats win I would have to give the money to Obamatronics. Neither of us was willing to do this, worried about having any effect on helping the other's horse. However, we did find something we could agree on, we both think it would be just the bee's knees if Mitt Romney were to capture the Republican nomination. So that said, Dennis and I have agreed to donate a fairly substantial amount of money to Mittmentum, Dennis if the Giants should win and I if the Pats should prevail.


Shanti said...

Um, ok.

If Mitt loses, it's not going to be because he didn't have enough money to run for (or buy) the presidency.

Jonathan said...

It's the principle of the thing Shanti, the principle.

Dennis said...

How dare you! The state of Mittmentum is strong!