Friday, January 25, 2008

Clinton Backing Giants In Superbowl (Dennis)

Bill Clinton told a crowd that he is backing the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Reaction from Belichick(clearly a Hillary supporter): "Grumble grumble, I've never been so betrayed in my life. I'm switching to Obama."

Also the piece mentions that Bill plays golf with Tom Brady. I have to say my first thought is that I'm relieved, since his appearance at the State of the Union a while back seemed to suggest that he leaned right. But, I mean, now, he grew up around San Francisco, he spends all his time in Boston or NY, and he is Bubba's golf partner. That seems to suggest that when he inevitably runs for office (he already has said he is interested) it will be as a Democrat...right? Right?!?!


Brian said...

I would gladly vote for that candidate!

Jonathan said...

Oh man, somewhere in middle of the game Bill is going to jump on top of Brady after he's already been knocked down and save Michael Strahan from taking a "roughing the passer" penalty. Then he'll tell the ref that call "intentional grounding" on Eli would be "rolling the dice".

Dennis said...

"Everybody says the Patriots are the greatest team ever, well how can they get through 15 games without anyone ever bringing up the Spygate thing, and they would have lost to the Ravens if it weren't for a buncha lucky calls, the whole thing is a god damn fairy tale."