Monday, February 11, 2008

A Better Proposal (Dennis)

Home for lunch so posting...

While I thought Jon's plan was good, I think it is probably too costly given that people aren't even acknowledging primaries as an option for revoting in MI and FL. I do share his belief that we need some sort of decisive way to choose the Democratic nominee.

What better way then, than to have a winner take all 7 game Democratic Series, between two baseball teams recruited by Obama and Clinton? I mean, if the nomination is going to be won by recruiting random bigshots, why not make it the recruitment process exciting and highly visable?

I envision both teams getting some sort of salary cap (say $20 million) and then left to their own devices to sign players for the game. Can you imagine how amazing this would be? "Oh my lord, Hillary got Santana!" "Obama's really got a murder's row with Manny A-Rod and Ortz." "Is Hillary going to sign any of the steroid players?" "That Team Obama middle relief looks shaky, he really needs another closer or a starter that could eat innings."

You could hold the series in late March, towards the end of spring training and right before the start of the season. If it's warm enough, it would be cool to have it at Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium, but it almost certainly will not be, so perhaps all of the games could be done at a warmer, neutral site like the new Nationals Field. The logo designs would perhaps be an O version of the Cubs C for Obama and a New York Yankees style HC for Team Hillary.

The best part is that you could sell the television rights and donate the fairly large sum to buy adequate body armor for soldiers in Iraq. You could also schedule political speeches by the "home" candidate before the game, and get tons of free media exposure. Also this would just dominate all of the sports and political coverage for the next month.

Isn't this the best solution? Excitement, watchability, and an appeal to swing voters who might not be watching the primary debates. C'mon Dems, you know this is the right choice.


Jonathan said...

Even better ideas: Winner-takes-all Twister (I actually imagine this would funnier if surrogates played too, picture Mark Penn and David Axelrod going at it; Penn would definitely cheat); Who Can Stare At Henry Waxman The Longest Without Giggling Contest; Balloon Race Around the World

Keeper of the Newscats said...

Scrabulous off? Or a series of pre-Olympic qualifiers. (This might have the added benefit of generating interest for Beijing.) Or a perhaps link the race to March Madness. A Final Four showdown.

Jonathan said...

I think this should keep going, so I will add, "Guess What Vegetable I Am Eating" Contest, Blossom trivia, A Contest to Come Up with Crazy Contests to Decide the Primaries and for no particular reason, Mittmentum.