Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Couldn't We Have Seen the Hillary From This Weekend For The Past 8 Years? (Dennis)

Hey all, I'm watching MSNBC at 7am (thanks to jet lag) to catch up on politics before I get ready for work, and I saw some clips of Hillary really laying into Barack Obama. She was shouting "shame on you!" in one clip and making fun of Obama in another. I thought it was great. All her criticism was totally legitimate and she really seemed, for once, like Old Hillary. You know? The Hillary who used to rant about how she wasn't going to sit around and bake cookies, or stand by her man like Tammy Wynette. I would have supported this Hillary.

If Bush tried to go to war in Iraq before the inspectors had time to finish their job, Old Hillary would have barnstormed the country, kicking and screaming to the bitter end. Her way was right, goddamit, and she wouldn't let concerns about unity or fantasies about a democratic Middle East cloud her vision. Old Hillary would not have run a campaign of inevitability, hired Mark Penn, or used racial politics in South Carolina. That would have been beneath the Wellesley student you saw in the letters I cited.

I hope Barack Obama wins the nomination, because I feel like we are only seeing Old Hillary now because her campaign is desperate, but if the return of Old Hillary is for keeps, then that is a candidate I could support enthusiastically as well.

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