Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Have Met the Enemy And He is the Dowd Report (JM)

Unbeknownst to me, since I am not exactly a conscientious researcher like my good buddy Maureen, there is a blog known as the Dowd Report. On this blog there is a picture of Maureen with the caption: Our Patron Saint. In fact, in our comments I have already been attacked by our new friend. I will defend myself against those attacks. But as I said about, we have met the enemy and he is the Dowd Report.


1) The blog is totally insane. It deconstructs Dowd articles in nearly Derridian fashion with the intention of praising while "lightly fisking" Dowd. Who would want to spend every day reading Dowd's articles and responding line by line?

2) I think there's a real chance that this is actually Maureen Dowd. The writing is bizarre enough and the self-love is high enough. I really hope it's you Maureen, because either way we here at AOTG march to war against Dowd apologists throughout the world.

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Mo MoDo said...

I am not Maureen Dowd and have never had any direct contact with her. I just find her writing witty and sharp. So do a lot of people but they are afraid to admit it because there are a lot of Dowd haters out there. I'm just trying to help people understand her perspective.