Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Fountain of Humor (JM)

Stephen A. Smith has a blog. For those of you who are not aware, Stephen A. Smith is a sports commentator in the loosest sense of the term commentate. He is often quite ridiculous. Now, I want to be careful not to poach on the ground of the guys over at Fire Joe Morgan, who are responsible for introducing me to the awesomeness of the Stephen A. Smith blog. So if, and when, I write about his blog, I will steer clear of most of the sports material (unless there is something too good to ignore). The truth is that the guys over there do it so well, I would lose by comparison. If you want to see bad sports journalism get annihilated, definitely check them out.

However, lucky for all of us, Stephen A. Smith, doesn't just stick to sports. The man does political commentary too, and it's hilarious. For instance this gem:

It looks like Barack Obama and John McCain will compete for the presidency. Although Hillary Rodham-Clinton can easily take over with a couple of good primary showings in the next few days, I’m shocked to admit I actually believe America will support a black man over a white woman for the Democratic nomination. I must confess I didn’t think that was possible a few months ago.

(Note: the reason I felt this way is because white women – not African-Americans – were the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action.)

But I do want to send this quick message to all the African-American voters out there: We need to stop just giving the Democrats our vote and start making them earn it.

For years black folks have virtually handed our votes to the Democratic Party. To me, it’s foolish to do such a thing without actually hearing the issues, what policies are being geared for implementation, and who is really the individual best suited to run our country.

Look, I kind of respect where he's coming from here. But this idea has a couple of insane implications: a) in contemporary America has there ever been a Republican choice for President who was better for African-American voters than the Democratic choice; b) do you really think that this is the result of a lack of research and interest on the part of the African-American community.

But the thing that I am really curious about is the assertion that white women were the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action. Huh? I am not even sure what that could mean.

Anyway, he posts roughly once a month, but usually they are hilarious, terrible, self-righteous ramblings. I recommend checking it out, but as always I will do the dirty work and keep my eye out for you.

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