Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weird and Hilarious Coincidences (JM)

AOTG favorite Maureen Dowd is as incompetent in real life as she is as a writer. Michelle Henery, of the Times of London claims that Maureen Dowd mistook her for Michelle Obama. Granted, the evidence of this is not fantastic, but the implications are hilarious and Maureen not terribly bright, so my guess is that this probably did happen.

This is made even funnier, because those of you follow this blog closely (i.e. Dennis) will recall that the Times of London is the employer of other AOTG favorite, Lord Finkleton (Daniel Finklestein). Does this mean that we at this blog are the nexus of the universe. Probably.

Also this is the first time I've used AOTG, I like it, we will use it again.

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