Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rhyme Time with Lord Finkelton (JM)

Alright, I admit, I spent a lot of time making fun of our favorite British journalist, Daniel Finkelstein. To be fair though, I generally like him more than not. And sometime he comes up with ideas like this. You see, over at the Times of London they are trying to find foods that rhyme with Nobel Prize Winners. The best amongst them:

Seamus Heaney - Ham Panini
(Nobel Laureate in Literature, 1995)

My suggestion: Saul Bellow = Lime Jello. I look forward to yours, but it doesn't have to just be Nobel Laureates, I would also accept Supreme Court Justices and famous British empiricists.


Anonymous said...

Robert H. Bork = Barbequed Pulled Pork

Jonathan said...

That is a seriously good suggestion. Robert Bork kind of reminds me of the living embodiment of BBQ Pulled Pork, though decidedly less tasty. Kodus, anonymous reader.

Of course one my retort with Samuel Alito = Veggie burrito