Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Real Serious Actual Truth About Last Night (JM)

Sigh, I will write more about this later, but NO ONE had a good night. This night meant nothing at all. Obama has four favorable states coming up, which will mean very little in terms of delegate split, then some big states for Hillary. This will be decided by a) party functionaries; b) seating MI and FL; c) randomness. It's terrible for the party and is going be mean and bloody. Neither side is going to back down and there is no reason to expect them to do so. This is so so so bad for the Dems as the Republicans will begin smelling blood in the water and come together around McCain.

But seriously, enough spin, I've had it, everyone seems to be saying good night for Clinton, good night for Obama. It was neither, it was a good night for McCain (and a super good night for the Huck). Also this is proof of what terrible systems we have, in overall popular vote Hillary dominated Obama last night... and yet somehow he get more delegates out of this. We need to look good and hard at some serious electoral reform.

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