Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday Wrap Up

What a long crazy night. I don't like to post at work so I wanted to get my quick thoughts before the night was over:

After all the carnage MSNBC's Chuck Todd is reporting (as of 1 am) that the delegate count from tonight will be anywhere from Obama: 841 Hillary: 837 (The Hillary Camp Estimate) to Obama: 865 Hillary: 813 (The Obama Camp Estimate). Yes, Hillary won California but Obama ran up the score in a bizarre coalition of cold white people states (CO, MN, ND, UT, AK, ID, KS) and Southern states with large African American populations (GA, AL) in a way that was unexpected (to me, anyway).

If this result holds (and, really, who the fuck knows?), then I think Obama had a good night. Hillary didn't land a knockout punch, and the next few weeks should be good to Obama. Through the rest of Feb. he has several cold white people states (WI, WA, NE, ME), an a southern state with a significant African American population (LA), and on Feb. 12 the perfect storm of yuppies and African Americans on the Democratic side in VA, MD, and DC. So I think Obama folks have reason to be optimistic headed out of Super Tuesday even if they didn't win the big prize of CA.

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