Saturday, February 16, 2008

How Old Is He? (JM)

People talk about how postracial and postgender this campaign has been. I actually think it has, perhaps been the most strikingly postmodern campaign we've ever seen as well. Reality seems to have no boundaries in this election. Oprah is bringing people out in droves and Bob Vila is well reputed to have have won New Hampshire for Hillary. But throughout all of that did anyone really expect we'd ever see the following headline: Chuck Norris Thinks John McCain is Too Old to Be President.

I mean this is literally the craziest headline I have ever seen. I mean this only a half an order of magnitude from: Alf Sued For Embezzling Money From The Convertible Arbitrage Hedge Fund At Which He Was MP. The point is that I have no clue why people vote for the people they do anymore. Seriously, the fact that campaigns seem to believe that Oprah, Chuck and Bob are useful is a good indication that they actually are. There is something nearly devastating about the politics of pop culture, but it is unclear if this decline is completely inevitable. Is there anyway to uncouple the world of celebrity from the world of politics. Ever since the initial television debates between JFK and Nixon, image has become increasingly important in political campaigns. The truth is that substance no longer seems as important as style; though to be fair some of the style is kind of fun.

To wit: The McCain Camp's response to Chuck Norris: Wilford Brimley. My god, I just love that picture. Seriously, since Dennis is gone I am actively considering abandoning AOTG and starting the blog So keep you eyes out for SPOW at some point in the near future. So in all, Chuck Norris is probably right, John McCain is pretty old. I am sorry, I just can't write anymore, that picture of Wilford makes me feel guilty.

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