Monday, March 10, 2008

10,000 Women and International Women's Day (JM)

A couple of quick hits from my feminist side. The first is an intriguing new projected launched by Goldman Sachs, 10,000 Women. Ostensibly its purpose is to find women throughout the world and help them get business-oriented education. What's more is they are focusing on non-traditional women as well, trying to get voices not normally heard within the business community. This is the rare type of program that occasionally makes me think that, at least some times, the market can actually solve. It's absurd that women don't make the same average pay as men, and while I recognize that there are actual reasons this discrepancy actually exists (pregnancy and the sort) even controlling for that it is still an unfair gap. Yes, I know, I just took the totally controversial position that women deserve equal pay, I am sure I will go back to offending you tonight when I post my thoughts about Dennis' Israel post.

In other news, yesterday marked International Women's Day, I would have been woefully unaware of this if it weren't for my obsession with former communist/socialist holidays. The fact is that, for the most part, socialism had holidays right. It's kind of interesting that, for the most part, American holidays were (this is a changing trend) celebrations of individuals and particular events. This is in contrast to the practice of celebrating collective holidays and institutions. Anyway, it would be nice if this holiday (along with other holidays celebrating types of people in general) were to take off in America. Though it was a "holiday" about protest and contestation, I am not sure that a) such things aren't worth celebrating and b) the maybe holidays can and should be reminders of struggle.

Alright, seriously, I promise not to be so nice and conciliatory in my next post: Puppies Aren't As Cute As You Think They Are. Aww, who am I kidding, they are totally way cuter than you think they are.

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