Friday, March 14, 2008

Clinton Wins Another Primary (JM)

What? You though primary season was over? Very wrong. Hillary Clinton picks up the all-important Israeli primary, 60-19 over Obama according to the Jerusalem Post. She gets no delegates, nor is particularly surprising (she also beats McCain in polls by a healthy amount, whereas Obama gets crushed by McCain). Either way, I am pretty sure, despite the weakening of the dollar and our perceived decline in the international community that this sort of polling is indicative of our strength on the world's stage. This type of polling happens all over Europe as well, could you imagine if they polled in the U.S. about European elections? We'd have had a results roughly like: Royale 2%, Sarkozy 9%, Huh? 69%, Get Off My Lawn Before I Shoot You! 20%. This is possibly a mix of poor education and U.S. arrogance, but it's also a measure of how important the world feels about this election.

These results also have another message to consider. Hillary's problem was never toughness, despite her complete fear on that count. Hillary made a lot of strategic votes just to prove how strong she could be as a leader when I don't think anyone ever had any doubt on this count. Heck, Israel preferred her over John "Wayne" McCain (by the by, I am pretty sure this is the first time I have ever seen that nickname used for McCain, please correct me if I am wrong, but it's pretty awesome). Winning the Israeli primary is like being voted toughest guy in a gang (Who are the gangs the kids hang out with these days? The Jets and Sharks?). No one ever really perceived Hillary as anything but tough as nails, and if she had worked off of that, she'd been in much better position now.

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