Saturday, March 8, 2008

All Right, I Couldn't Resist (Dennis)

I didn't want to write about the campaign anymore, but can you blame me for wanting to jump in when I found out that Hillary claimed that she brought peace to Northern Ireland?

Just think, Hillary is so wonderful, tough, and experienced that 700 years of violence and anger were just washed away when she stopped by and had tea with a few women. Perhaps it was her insistence that Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast were equally good teas with their own wonderful flavors that made the two sides think "hey maybe we can work together!"

The next thing you know Hillary is going to claim that she, in her own right, has enough experience to be president because she lived in the White House from 1993-2001....oh wait, that isn't a joke.

But seriously, isn't this at the root of the problem with Hillary? All of her "experience" comes in this lame form. She visited something when Bill was president, or parroted his views as first lady. Her senate career hasn't consisted of much at all except for selling out exactly when Democrats needed her most.

Can you level similar criticisms at Obama? Sure. But Obama's campaign isn't based around vague assertions about how tough or experienced he is. Obama supporters believe that Obama has superior skills as a politician to get things passed, that he isn't as likely to surrender so readily to Republicans who want to go to war as quickly as possible, and that his background (as an organizer on the streets in Chicago, as someone who lived abroad for some time) give him a greater understanding of the world than Hillary, who has spent her entire adult life at the top of the food chain.

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