Friday, March 14, 2008

A Fascinating Read (JM)

With the change in government in New York State we get a whole new cast of characters. David Paterson himself is fascinating, and I will write more on him later. However, Ben Smith over at Politico has a 2002 article from Playboy written by Paterson's new Chief of Staff, Charles O'Byrne.

O'Byrne is a former Jesuit priest, who left the Catholic Church after four years of being a priest. The article is a fascinating picture of a man gripping with faith, hypocrisy and conscience. There's a certain genuine quality to the writing that a very much appreciate and a thoughtfulness that is quite welcome in the corridors of the state house in Albany.

For those of you not aware, New York State politics is roughly akin to some sort of weird, corrupt former Soviet bloc government (not ideologically, but processwise). The leadership retains tight control over votes and it may be amongst some of the most gruesome sausage-making going on in America today. It is nice to see that our new leadership brings with us some one capable of lucid moral thinking, without pat answers or demagoguery. It further speaks well of the soon-to-be governor, as the company he keeps certainly seems laudable.

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