Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quite The Speech (JM)

Ben Smith over at Politico posted the full text of Obama's race and religion speech he gave in Philly today. It was a shockingly good defense of the entire Rev. Wright situation and just an excellent speech in general. It got a bit too Obamaesque towards the end, but as someone who just hasn't been as impressed by his speechmaking as pretty much everyone else the universe let me say, this was very very impressive. He took a strong stand in defense of Wright, he rejected certain viewpoints and he contextualized the place where Rev. Wright and the black community was coming from. It was sophisticated and nuanced, something I have thought lacking in much of Obama's campaign rhetoric heretofore.

The media is going to eat this speech up. The question is, will it make a difference? Racism is racism and in the end this speech, while a rousing defense and explanation of the entire situation, serves in the end to remind people of division. It comes down to just how sophisticated are voters with racially biases. So in the end I am not sure this takes Wright out of Hillary or the GOP's arsenal, but it does make me feel much more comfortable about how Obama will handle GOP attacks going forward.

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Robert said...

Apparently once he gets enough followers, Obama can digivolve into a candidate who actually gives good speeches, rather than a candidate who gives mediocre speeches that make Chris Matthews and Tim Russart ruin their pants.

It changes nothing, save making him a more dangerous person. He's still a sanctimonious hypocrite who plays dirty politics through surrogates while claiming to represent a change from the "divisiveness" of the past. His ideas are unoriginal, his rhetoric is creepy and he surrounds himself with people who hate America.

If he's the nominee, he'll lose Ohio and Florida to McCain, and possibly Pennsylvania as well. Though I'd be voting McCain in that eventuality, so that's not exactly a loss.