Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Moments in Campaign History (JM)

In an interview that is a worthwhile read unto itself, Meagan McCain points out the turning point in her father's campaign:

Meghan recalls the day when actor Wilford Brimley, he of the Quaker Oats ads, called to offer his support. An operative got off the phone and grandly announced to the room, “We’ve got Brimley!” The phrase, she says, became a rallying cry for the campaign.

I am just unsure what to say about this. It is another opportunity to throw up a picture of the Brim, and another opportunity to reflect on just how old John McCain is, but really it also an opportunity to imagine McCain's political team standing around and chanting, "We've got Brimley, yes we do, we've got Brimley how 'bout you?!" Mitt must be so sad he lost to this...

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