Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is Obama's speech working? (Dennis)

So, I thought Obama speech last week on race was stunning and wonderful (when was the last time a presidential candidate admitted the Constitution was stained with the "original sin" of slavery or that Reagan used anger over affirmative action and welfare to build his coalition?), but I assume you already inferred that from my previous Obama support. Anyway, I think the important question isn't whether I liked it, but whether it could counter the damage done by Wright. Some evidence from Gallup is showing that the speech may be doing its job.

On March 13th, Obama's lead over Clinton in the Gallup nationwide poll of Democrats and those who lean Democratic stood at 50-44. In the wake of the ensuing Wright scandal, Obama's lead evaporated and Hillary Clinton built up her largest lead in months with a 49-42 advantage on the day of Obama's speech on race. Since then Obama has made steady gains every day in the Gallup, and now in polling done on March 19-21 Obama has regained his advantage with a 48-45 lead. We'll see if this trend continues and if Obama regains his previous lead.

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