Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Primary Night Instathoughts (JM)

A few thoughts on primary night coverage thus far:

1) No amount of bad press will keep Tweety from hating Hillary. When he called Vermont tonight he basically acted like the whole election was over. That is until Brokaw sarcastically remarked, "No one thought Sen. Clinton was going to win Vermont."

2) McCain won Vermont and Ohio, the nation yawns. Say what you will, but I think this Democratic campaign is great for the Dems. I don't know why the media keeps claiming it is not.

3) How in the world do they keep running out of ballots? This is an exciting election. People care. You should plan for this.

4) The economy is becoming a more central issue in this campaign. That is good for Hillary, but way better for the Democratic Party. McCain has about the silliest perspective on the economy. He still still believes that we should have private social security accounts and the Bush tax cuts. This will be a great advantage in the general election.

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