Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Snark From The Clinton Camp and Cowboy Bill Richardson's Endorsement (JM)

In response to Rev. Wright situation, despite Obama's speech on race and getting beyond politics as usual, the Obama team has been pushing a picture of Bill Clinton shaking hands with Rev. Wright at the White House during his administration. When the NYT e-mailed Howard Wolfson, Clinton Communications Director, for a response he send the following: “Urgent indeed — a picture — oooooooo!”

Now maybe it's just me, but that seems like the most effective response to an incredibly different sort of situation.

Anyhow, last night, at around 12 AM Pacific Time, Gov. Bill Richardson endorsed Barack Obama. I have never been a huge fan of Gov. Richardson and I truly hope that he is not on Obama's short list should he get the nomination (though I would prefer to see him than Gov. Sebelius or, and I almost break my keys as I type this, Sen. Claire McCaskill). Richardson a bit silly and more of a rabble-rouser than anything else, and his foreign policy experience is as negotiator and back-slapper. If foreign policy credentials are what Obama is after (either that or economics would be desirable) I would think he'd be better off with Biden or Dodd. Anyway, I am not certain just how much impact a Richardson endorsement has at this point. The only state with a large Hispanic population yet to hold their primary is Puerto Rico, and that is an entirely different ballgame. The only real potential game changers left out there are Gore and Edwards, and at this point it just does not look like they will endorse either candidate.

(Hat tip: Marc Ambinder)

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