Friday, March 7, 2008

Put Him In The Stocks and Hillary (JM)

This is my first attempt to post via Blackberry so it may not go all
that well (though to be fair you probably won't know if it does fail).
Anyhoo, let's talk a bit about politics, shall we?

Hillary's camp is hitting Obama very hard this week and it's hard to
dispute that it's been effective. Team Obama has been functionally
flailing to figure out how to look strong without going in to the
muck. This is almost a no win situation for them. If they don't
respond they still get hit and they look weak to boot. They do
respond and it tarnishes one of Obama's comparative advantages, not to
mention the fact that Clinton and her team are just so much better at
flinging mud.

Either way he needs to take control of this situation soon. It's
further complicated that these aren't random scurillous attacks.
NAFTAgate, Rezko, and qualifications to be CIC are all totallt legit
lines of attack. He could and should push back hard on the military
experience issue, make a clear and unequivical statement about Rezko
and really just ignore NAFTA and hope the issue disappears. This got
worse for him today when Stephen Harper's office unequivically said
that Clinton's team made absolutely no overtures towards them.

Aside from the McCain glorification I discussed in an earlier post
have no problem with this level of attack. It's important to note
that this is nothing compared to what the GOP has in store. Does
anyone doubt that Hillary will be able to respond effectively and in
kind? We're in for a long and interesting seven weeks (despite
certain co-bloggers statements to the otherwise).

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