Friday, March 14, 2008

Israel Should Count (Dennis)

Alright, I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I don't think there's a really good solution to the fact that people voted in Israel and won't be seated at the Democratic convention. We could simply leave them out, but do we really want to upset Israel? They are an important ally in the Middle East and we are going to have to deal with them either during or after the general election. And it is really patently unjust for people whose lives will be affected by the next administration to not have a voice in the process. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to solve this problem is to seat the delegates elected in the Israeli Primary.

I know, I know, nobody campaigned there and the voting pool is skewed as it is composed entirely of Israeli citizens, but let's be honest folks, what happened there was an election and is certainly more meaningful and representative than any of the horrible caucuses won by Obama. Yes, the only place the elections were held was at Israelis for Hillary rallies, but, honestly (I mean HONESTLY) do you think that had as much of a distorting effect as independents voting for Obama in open primaries?

Look, I'm even willing to be magnanimous: Obama can have McCain's votes. That way Hillary will only get a 157 delegate advantage coming out of Israel. What? Oh yeah, I know its a large number, I'll explain in my next piece "The Moral Necessity of Every Israeli Counting as Seven People, Unless They Vote For Obama, In Which Case They Need to Count as Negative Two Celery Sticks."


Jonathan said...

It's true, since Israelis are over 2.5 million Americans they don't deserve to be disenfranchised because of the decision of their inane leaders to protest a terrible system. Perfect analogy, sport.

Dennis said...

I guess my point wasn't so much to make an analogy but mocking the ethical edge to your argument, when I am fairly confident that if Obama was Joe Biden we'd both be saying the same thing about the situation.